jason allen john real estate jason allen john real estate

jason allen john real estate jason allen john real estate

jason allen john real estate jason allen john real estate


Born in Scarborough, Canada, to parents from the island of Dominica, Jason Allen John’s upbringing was steeped in the rich heritage of his Caribbean ancestry and blended within the diverse global culture that paints the city’s landscape. He excelled at sports from an early age, and initially considered a career as a professional athlete. But a chance high-school co-op placement at a local bank at the age of 17 introduced Jason to the world of finance, and he has never looked back.

Jason’s enthusiasm for learning the ins-and-outs within banking saw him quickly advance his career. And he tactfully applied his insights to his personal investments, gradually buying his own home and eventually building a diverse real estate portfolio. His successes have not come easy, and Jason learned early on what risk-taking and failure taste like —he even lost his home and had to start over. These life-changing learnings only served to push Jason to sharpen his financial acumen and gives him an extraordinary ability to connect more personally with the experiences of his clients.

Jason’s entrepreneurial spirit is vibrant and he is leading several initiatives that support wealth creation and financial freedom, especially among marginalized communities that may otherwise be excluded from real estate investment opportunities. He champions innovative and inclusive projects in real estate that empower people to achieve financial security and build generational wealth.

Jason is a consummate professional intent on providing the best advice to support his clients. His wholesome approach to growing his network is based, not on pushy salesmanship, but on building trust and nurturing strong relationships with current and prospective clients. He runs on the integrity of his character, and this emphasis on nurturing authentic relationships is reflected in the glowing praise and the high rate of referrals he receives.

Jason is seen as an industry leader and innovator in the real estate sector, who is fueled by his passion to build a legacy of service and impact, in the communities he serves and the world at large.

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